Decisions and regulation

The Act of 13 June 2005 serves as a basis for additional provisions established by decrees or by BIPT decisions. Those decisions concern in particular the information that has to be made available to consumers, including disabled users as well as the universal service.

BIPT verifies that those decisions are observed by the operators and, in case of a breach, imposes penalties upon operators in default.

Consumer information 

Broadband connection speed 

The operator has to inform the customer who wants to conclude a fixed Internet contract with him, of the actual speed he can expect at the place where he lives, at peak and off-peak hours, for upload and download. 

Upper limits and alerts 

Mobile telephony and mobile Internet operators have to warn their subscribers when their consumption has reached a certain limit. 

The fixed and mobile telephony operators have to inform the subscribers dialing a 070 number and certain 0900 numbers of the communication costs for this type of numbers. 

Info sheets 

All operators have to make information sheets available to the consumer, in which their tariff plans are described according to a single model, making the comparison easier for consumers. 

Disabled users 

Specific information has to be made available to disabled users, including information concerning their access to emergency services. 

Universal service 

Various provisions have been made to remove obligations regarding telephone booths, directories and enquiry services or to impose a minimum bit rate for the basic Internet connection.