Major events

For major events (Formula 1 Grand Prix, Tour de France, etc) BIPT sets up a specific structure with a view to optimal frequency management. Specific forms are made available to participants and organisers (see below).

Although it is advisable to submit applications as soon as possible, sometimes they cannot be processed until all applications have been submitted, because when assigning frequencies priority is given to organisers and to competitors, whereas additional activities are handled afterwards.

The licence-exempt use of cordless microphones with a 50 mW ERP is allowed in the following frequency bands:

  • 202-209 MHz,
  • 518-526 MHz,
  • 534-542 MHz, (except in Hainaut)
  • 854-862 MHz, (except in West Flanders) (acquisition of new equipment in this frequency band is prohibited)
  • 863-865 MHz, (10 mW max)
  • 1795-1800 MHz.

Contacts :

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