As the audiovisual media regulator with federal powers in the Brussels-Capital Region, BIPT carries out different checks of the programmes it authorised, by virtue of the Act of 30 March 1995.  

As regards programme content, these checks monitor: 

  • regard for the human dignity, more in particular the fight against discrimination, hatred or violence (art. 28/4, § 1, 1°), commercial audiovisual communications included (art. 35) 

  • the protection of minors at a physical, mental and moral level (art. 28/4, § 1, 2°), individual commercial communications included (art. 37) 

  • the regard for fundamental liberties as well as the fight against the abuse of the credulity of the public (art. 28/4, § 1, 3°) 

  • the regard for impartiality in information and journalistic deontology (art. 28/5) 

Violation of these provisions may lead BIPT to suspend or even withdraw the authorisation (art. 28/8 and 40). 

As regards a balanced programming, BIPT also monitors compliance with: 

  • the proportion of European works (art. 29 and 31), specifically recent works by independent producers (art. 30) 

  • the place reserved for televised advertising and teleshopping (art. 33-34 and 39)  

  • requirements regarding sponsored audiovisual programmes (art. 38) 

  • requirements regarding product placement (art. 39bis)