Licence-related obligations

The above-mentioned granting terms have to be fulfilled for the entire duration of the licence. Compliance with these commitments is monitored by BIPT, which publishes an annual report on the monitoring activities and the results.

In addition the licence holder is subject to the following obligations:

  • ensuring the regularity and reliability of postal services; if the service is discontinued or stopped, the provider must inform the Institute at once and the users as soon as possible;
  • regularly inform the Institute, the users and postal service providers of the prices, quality standards and features of the services provided;
  • payment of a regulatory contribution to finance BIPT’s operations. To this effect the turnover from postal services of the preceding year is communicated to BIPT by 30 June at the latest, each year;
  • as for employment, each person carrying out activities subject to licence is deemed to be employed through an employment contract.