Incident management


BIPT ensures that operators implement (preventive) measures aiming to ensure, in case of crisis or major incidents, the continuity of network security (including critical infrastructures) and access to emergency services.

Moreover, it participates in the implementation by operators of additional measures allowing a better crisis management, which took concrete form in the sectoral crisis plan and in the legislation. In this regard, mobile operators must send messages to the population to alert it in case of imminent danger or in the event of a major disaster and to inform the population in order to limit the impact (see Article 106/1).

The Institute also participates, via its duty team, in the management of incidents regarding different obligations carried by operators (network security, access to emergency services, obligation of Article 106/1, etc.) for instance by facilitating contacts between the authorities and the operators and by coordinating the operators’ actions.

Article 115 of the Telecom Act provides a list of the persons to whom the operators must give priority concerning the elimination of defects.

Legal framework (see also the “Network Security” and “Access to emergency services” sections)

Telecom Act: Article 4 (not executed), 4/1 (not executed), 106/1 and 115

Decree: Royal Decree of 23 February 2018 on the sending of a short text message in case of imminent danger or in the event of a major disaster (execution of Article 106/1).